Keeping Katerina

Keeping Katerina - Simone Beaudelaire Immerse yourself in this: The poetic charm of Victorian era London is all around us - immerse yourself in the burgeoning love between a kind and genuine cotton mill owner and a musically gifted damsel under the thumb of a brute.

Beaudelaire confronts us with the hardships and inequities of old world dominance and servitude, and in doing so, challenges us with the questionable ideals of our heritage. Did we once allow this kind of deprivation and abuse?

These are layers in a powerful story of romance, penned by an author with a penchant for caressing our imaginations with sweet sensuality, before mercilessly turning on us with harsh reality.

The authenticity pulsing through this story has me wondering whether Simone Beaudelaire penned it at all... Perhaps she inked it with a quill.