The Pearl

The Pearl - Sandra  Martinez The work of a storyteller: Who or what is The Pearl?

I was fascinated by the incredibly detailed descriptions that made me feel as though I could see, touch, hear and smell everything this band of travellers experienced. I could easily visualise all the interesting characters and quickly gained a sense of their life and purpose. This is a world inhabited by a tremendous range of nice and nasty creatures.

What of Pearl though? Ahh - not so easy. We get to understand, and eventually come to know Pearl in bits and pieces of information fed to us rather teasingly by this fine author, this wonderfully gifted storyteller, Sandra Martinez. Pearl comes to life gradually throughout this magical adventure and she is well worth waiting for.

This is a fun, romantic story with a touch of darkness and treachery. It moves along quickly and doesn't really allow you to put it down, so perhaps get comfy before you start. As a fellow author who beta-read this story, I highly recommend it to fans of fantasy and to anyone wishing to give the fantasy genre a whirl.